Will all residents be eligible for a new property on the estate?

There are a wide variety of tenants, leaseholder and freeholders across the estate. As such, we want to give all existing residents an opportunity of a new home on the new estate and have considered offers with care. Below outlines our bespoke offer for each property tenure across the estate:

Council tenants

  • You will be offered a new home on the estate at equivalent rent levels that meets your housing need, within a local lettings plan
  • Compensation for disturbance when moving home
  • We will continue to involve you in the design of the new homes and neighborhood


  • The opportunity to by a new home on the estate through a shared stake with the Council
  • Compensation to cover moving costs
  • We will continue to involve you in the design of the new homes and neighborhood

Housing Associations

  • Your Housing Association will work with the Council to decide whether to retain or replace your home on the estate

Further design and discussion needs to take place before a decision is made.

Why are having a ballot?

Enfield Council is committed to giving residents the final say over whether we move forward with our plans for the estate. To be clear, if a majority of residents vote No in the ballot, then the Council won’t be able to move forward with the redevelopment of the estates.

This project is meant to improve the lives of existing residents, reduce crime and provide much better outdoor spaces and parking arrangements. We want your support before we move forward with our plans. That is why we have created an extensive programme of consultation so you can participate in the design of the new estate and make it a place to be proud of.

How will the ballot work?

An independent election company called Civica Election Services will be undertaking the ballot to ensure the whole process is transparent and that the result is true and fair. The ballot period is likely to be held over a three-week period and residents will be able to vote throughout this time in a number of different ways. Nearer to the ballot period, each eligible resident will receive a voting pack from Civica with an individual voter-ID and this will also describe the different voting methods.

Will everyone on the estate get a vote?

Enfield Council want to have the widest participation of residents of the estate in the design process for the new estate. Below outlines which residents will receive a ballot paper and will be able to vote for the future of the estate:

  • Social tenants including those with secure, assured, flexible or introductory tenancies named as a tenant on a tenancy agreement dated on or before the date the Landlord Offer is published
  • Resident leaseholders or freeholders who have been living in their properties as their only or principal home for at least one year prior to the date the Landlord Offer is published and are named on the lease or freehold title for their property
  • Any resident whose principal home is on the estate and who has been on the local authority’s housing register for at least one year prior to the date the Landlord Offer is published, irrespective of their current tenure

How can I get involved?

Given the current climate, Enfield Council have taken the decision to move away from face-to-face consultation in order to protect residents. However, we want to continue our consultation programme on a digital platform to ensure residents have a direct input into the design of the new estate.

Instead of holding traditional public exhibitions, we will be holding virtual events which will be held on this site on the Virtual Public Exhibition page. These will showcase digital exhibition boards which will display our current proposals and invite you to give feedback. At specific times, members of the project team will be available to ‘live chat’ so you can directly ask questions about the project.

We are also still running our regular polls on our the GiveMyView page which you can visit here. If you have not already taken part in these, then we encourage all residents to have a go. It is very easy to use and the feedback from these polls will be used to influence the design of the estate and the facilities that the council will provide in the future.

More information about future engagement will be coming out in due course but we need your help. It is essential that we are able to contact you throughout this period of disruption and we would ask all residents to submit their contact details either on the Home Page, via the Feedback page or by contacting the Regeneration Team directly by email on joyceandsnells@enfield.gov.uk.