Get Involved

The Council wants to ensure that residents can participate meaningfully in the development of their estate and neighbourhood. There are a range of ways residents and the local community can get involved.


Enfield Council is working with Give My View, to provide additional ways for all residents to engage with our consultation about the estate.

Give My View reaches residents through social media advertisements, newsletters and email. This is to ensure all residents have the opportunity to engage.

Through an interactive timeline, newsfeed and surveys you will be able to keep up to date with the project and vote on things that matter most to you, giving us an idea of your preferences and giving you a real say in our proposals as we develop them.

You can participate in the consultation via the Give My View page of this site.

Design Workshops

The Regeneration team were planning to run a number of design workshops at Boundary Hall in the months leading up to the ballot. These workshops were to take place over a number of weeks and initially focus on three key areas: Your Homes, Your Green Spaces and Your Neighbourhood. Unfortunately, due to Coronavirus, these have needed to be postponed. We are still keen however to explore ways that we can connect to residents digitally and we are looking at how these workshops could take place online. Please keep visiting the website and Give My View where we will publish details of how you can become involved with online consultation.

Young People’s Panel

Young people are the future of the estate – that is why we want to ensure that younger members of the community contribute meaningfully to the regeneration. Over the next few months we will be developing our engagement with young residents through a number of activities. This will lead to the setting up of a Young People’s panel for residents aged 11-18 who want to positively influence their homes and neighbourhood. If you are a young person or have children that are within this age group (a couple of years below and above is fine!), and want to hear more, get in touch with the Engagement team at

Community activities at Boundary Hall

We want to make the most of Boundary Hall and make it a space which brings the community together through entertainment, education and fun. Whether it is bingo nights, film screenings or homework clubs, we want to support residents to organise and manage events which everyone can enjoy. If you have some ideas or want to find out more about what we are planning, get in touch with the Engagement team at

Employment and training

The Council is exploring ways to bring employment and training opportunities to Joyce and Snell’s residents, and we would like to understand how many of our residents are interested in getting involved. If you are a young person leaving education or have been unemployed for some time and want to get back in work, please contact the Engagement Team at If you know what area of work you would like to explore or find a job in, then please let us know and we will provide help and support.

We are always open for conversations and ideas on how to best involve the community in the redevelopment of the estate. If you have any ideas you want to share with us please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!