Landlord Offer

The Landlord Offer has a key role in any proposed estate redevelopment. Primarily, this document sets out the vision for the new estate and what each resident is entitled to, subject to a successful ballot. Below outlines some of the things the Landlord Offer will cover:

  • Need for redevelopment
  • Housing needs assessment
  • Masterplan
  • Help with your move
  • Phasing strategy
  • Parking provision
  • New home layouts
  • Ballot and voting process

The Landlord Offer & the Ballot

The plans and commitments made in the Landlord offer are what residents will be voting on during the three-week ballot period. This document will be sent to each resident before the ballot period commences so it can be properly reviewed. There will be an opportunity for residents to discuss what this means for them on a one-to-one basis with the Council before voting commences.