Need for regeneration

Background on the Estate

The Joyce Avenue and Snell’s Park estates were built in the late 1950s and 1960s and provide housing for a diverse community. Many residents have lived on the estate for many years and are proud of their neighbourhood, however there has been a gradual rise in antisocial behaviour, prostitution and other crime such as drug dealing. The layout of the existing estate has many unseen areas and the apartment blocks have little or no security on stairwells.

Dated design has contributed to the rise in crime and the outdoor spaces are not welcoming and underused.

The outdated design also means that Joyce Avenue and Snell’s Park sides of the estate are poorly connected and have limited points of access between each area. This has separated the communities and made it challenging for residents to interact and develop the community spirit that we know could exist across the whole estate.

The estate is severely lacking the social infrastructure necessary with Boundary Hall being the only community facility available. We will therefore be asking residents what additional facilities they would most like to see delivered on the new estate.

Better, more sustainable homes for residents

The current properties on the estate have been built using 1950s and 1960s methods and are below modern standards. This regeneration is an opportunity to give each eligible resident a new and improved home.

These will incorporate up to date design principles which were not part of mainstream thinking when these properties were built. Modern building standards mean that the new homes will be far more energy efficient and feature much improved security provision. Building to these modern standards will in most cases mean apartments will have larger bathrooms, better circulation and more storage space. Better sustainability and efficiency will have a positive impact on the environment and help to reduce household utility bills.

A safer, more secure estate

Estate design has also progressed in other areas as well, especially safety and security. In a new estate we can ensure that  blind spots on the estate where anti-social behaviour can occur will be designed out. Other improvements such as street lighting, CCTV and modern security systems in and around the blocks will help to make people feel safer and want to use the outdoor spaces.

Need for genuinely affordable homes

There is an acute need for more affordable homes in Enfield. This project presents a great opportunity to provide more of these homes for those who most need them. The new properties will be built and manged by Enfield Council so we can ensure that the new homes built are for those that are most in need.

A place to house key workers

The Council will also be building homes for key workers such as NHS staff and teachers so that they can access affordable accommodation closer to where they work. Enfield will also be building affordable homes for private rent with longer tenancies available, a responsive repairs service and at prices that are affordable to many local people.

People Renting and Buying Privately

The Council recognises that residents of Enfield who wish to buy or rent in the area find it hard to access good quality, affordable housing and many people sharing or living with family for longer than they wish. The Council is committed to building high quality private rented homes that will be as affordable as possible for local people.