The Ballot Process

The Enfield Council is committed to giving residents the final say over whether we move forward with our plans for the estate. If a majority of residents vote No in the ballot, then the Council won’t be able to move forward with the redevelopment of the estates.

The ballot will take place over a three-week period and there will be numerous ways residents can submit their vote (i.e., via text, call, post or online).

Below is a timeline outlining the ballot process (please note the timeline may change):

  • Mid October: Landlord offer distributed to all residents
  • Mid October – Early November: One-to-one meetings to discuss offers
  • Late October: Exhibition on the Ballot and Landlord offer
  • Late October– Mid November: 3-week ballot period
  • November: Ballot results day

The Landlord Offer & the ballot

The Landlord Offer will outline Enfield Council’s proposals for the new Joyce and Snell’s estate and what residents are entitled to. The plans and commitments set out in this document are what residents will be voting on at the ballot.

The Council wants to ensure that all residents have had an opportunity to review and understand this document before the ballot. To ensure that all residents understand how the offer document affects them, the Council will be holding one-to-one meetings on this as well as an exhibition.